Hep B Discrimination Registry

Dear all,

The Hep B Foundation has started a registry for Hep B-related discrimination here: Hepatitis B Discrimination Reporting Survey

The purpose of this registry is to document and track discrimination related to hepatitis B. Discrimination is defined as being treated differently because of one’s hepatitis B infection. For someone with hepatitis B, this can mean exclusion, denying benefits, denied employment, education, training, goods or services, or having significant burdens imposed on an individual due to their infection status.

I think this is an incredibly important registry to drive change. There needs to be a large-scale collection of the impacts of Hep B discrimination to:

  1. Understand how widespread Hep B discrimination is.
  2. Know where to focus efforts of change.
  3. Provide specific instances and scale of discrimination to the people in charge (rather than “we’ve heard that this happens…” etc.)

Your responses are not attached to your name or any other personal identification to ensure answers will be completely confidential. Please feel free to skip any questions that you are not sure how to answer or that you are uncomfortable answering.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact discrimination@hepb.org.


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If you want to talk about anything that has happened to you and receive peer support, I encourage you to post in this thread: