Hep b. And skin rashes


I’m just wondering the conection between. Skin rashes and hep b.

Mr Dr. Thinks a rash I had was a result of the hep B. He referred to it as Gianotti - Crosti.

When I looked it up (Google) their was a link but only in children. Being 50 and my second child hood dosent count.

Any insight would be appreciated.


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Thanks for sharing your story, @Perry.

Gianotti-Crosti syndrome seems to be a rare condition, so I’m not sure about it. Perhaps some @HealthExperts can comment.


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Yes my understanding is that Gianotti -Crosti syndrome is a particular type of rash that occurs in children. It has been linked to several viruses including hepatitis B virus. It is not something we typically see in adults with hepatitis B, so if the rash persists I would recommend seeing a dermatologist for their opinion.
Kind regards
Mark Douglas
(Infectious Diseases specialist)


P.S. If you are interested we actually wrote up a case report a few years ago of what may have been Gianotti-Crosti syndrome in a mid-16th century Italian Child mummy! The mummy had evidence of a papuluar skin rash that they had thought was smallpox. We were unable to detect small pox virus (Variola virus) in the mummy but detected lots of hepatitis B virus and the rash was also consistent with Gianotti-Crosti syndrome. ( Patterson Ross, Z., J. Klunk, G. Fornaciari, V. Giuffra, S. Duchene, A. T. Duggan, D. Poinar, M. W. Douglas, J. S. Eden, E. C. Holmes and H. N. Poinar (2018). “The paradox of HBV evolution as revealed from a 16th century mummy.” PLoS Pathog 14 (1): e1006750.)


Hi Mark

Thank you for the information. Fortunately the rash did clear up. I have acute hep b and have cleared it. I’m just trying to determine which of my issues were connected to it and the rash does not seem to fit in with the hep b even though my Dr for the Hep b has tied the two together (he never seen the rash)

Strangely in the simular time period I seem to have developed metal allergy and a sensitivity to allergens.

That study sounds intersting.

Thanks Keir

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I too had rashes appearing here and there, but as I recovered, these are gone.


Did you get the rash tested or looked at to determine what it was?

No test…I just had itchy rashes appearing in arms and legs, but now I don’t have these.

Ok. Thank you for sharing.

Recently I have been really itchy, especially when I get hot( exercise and cooking). Also I have like a blister, almost like I bit the tip of my tongue, on the top of my tongue. I am going to get my 6 months check up this month. I am very nervous about the results I will get.

I hope it all goes well. Thank you for sharing.