Help on how to cut off smoking

Hi Everyone please, I discovered I had chronic hepatitis B early this his year and after some month I started treatment for it which was prescribed by a lab technician. I stop drinking alcohol. I’m finding it difficult to quit smoking marijuana. I need help pls from this community to go about quitting smoking

Hello @Barry7 and welcome to the forum!

Is always hard to stop something when we are used to do it so often or everyday, is there not any helplines in your countrie that can help you? I know we have some in Denmark, mabye you have some aswell.

Hi @Barry7,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the question. We have a thread on this: Vices - alcohol marijuana etc.

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Stop like your life depends on it. Alcohol is far more addictive and has actual physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Weed… not so much.

Is marijuana harming your liver?

I just feel as a hbv carrier smoking marijuana would harm my liver, or am I wrong? I stopped taking alcohol soon as I discovered.

As mentioned above, there’s no good evidence for or against marijuana being harmful to the liver.


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Hi Barry, welcome to this group. I would suggest you try and cut down on the amount of marijuana you are smoking and be aware of when and where, you are smoking. like what are the triggers, are you stressed? Rewarding yourself?
I think if you are aware of when you are smoking, stop and think, can I get through this without smoking? It may help.
I have found breathing exercises help too.
Delay the habit.
Replace bad habit with good habit.
Well done on wanting to keep your body healthy.
It won’t be easy but worthwhile.
A year of not using and you’ll be ashamed you ever smoked. Why did I ever do that!
And you will feel sooo good.
Try it!! If you fail, try again and again until you are free.