Health & Law Project

Hi everyone,

Hepatitis B Voices Australia are inviting people in Victoria & NSW (Australia), who are living with Hepatitis B, to participate in new research about their life and health.

They want to learn about people’s experiences with migration & visas, employment, Centrelink, health services and more. They also want to better understand the impact of different laws on careers, mental and physical health, family life and engagement with community.

For more information and to register please refer to the flyer attached.

Thanks @Mylisa,

This is a great opportunity to provide information about how Hep B affects your life (not just your health) and allow groups like the Health and Law group to develop resources that will help people through it. I know on this forum we’ve seen issues come up regarding migration, employment, and what the legal requirements are for disclosure.

The great @lien.tran is coordinating this, who lives with Hep B also and will help you with any questions or support.

AND you get reimbursed for your time! So please reach out if you’re in NSW or VIC!