HBV DNA is undetectable after 3 months

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Is it typical to have zero DNA Virus after 3 months of taking TAF? From 6200iu/ml to undetectable

My HBSurface virus was also low last time 1400… should I check that again to see if it went down as well?

As always … Thank you for your inkind assistance!! We appreciate your help!!!

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Hi @Nass ,

This is a textbook response to TAF. Especially with such a low baseline HBV DNA.

You should not expect a decline in HBsAg: the production of HBsAg is not targeted by TAF. However, HBsAg should be part of your regular 6 month evaluation. In rare cases, HBsAg loss can occur during NUC therapy and if maintained for 6 months, is one of the signs that it is safe to stop therapy.

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Thanks @availlant
I will order HBsAg…. How often should I order HBsAg virus level… once a year?


My understanding is a HBsAg (qualitative) test is usually ordered for each check-up you receive (usually every 3-6 months)


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Correct! If you are paying for this test, it is typically 25-30 USD. The quantitative test (available in most countries except the USA) is usually the same price and gives you an ability to see if your HBsAg levels are changing or not.

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Thank you to both!!…

Hi @Nass
I got my diagnosis at the end of April 2023 viral load was 18900000 and latest on 30/08/2023 it is 18 in/ml.
I am on vemlidy and also been taking some Ayurvedic medication. I have no idea which one is working well potentially could be vemlidy but yeah I guess I am in the same boat as you. That’s a drastic change in my viral load and as I have read in this forum itself that people on the same drugs can get sometimes year or months and months to get to undetectable viral load. I guess in my next routine blood work I’ll be zero or less.
So yeah I can relate to you on this and who knows that we might end up loosing the S antigen as well.


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