HBV DNA is undetectable after 3 months

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Is it typical to have zero DNA Virus after 3 months of taking TAF? From 6200iu/ml to undetectable

My HBSurface virus was also low last time 1400… should I check that again to see if it went down as well?

As always … Thank you for your inkind assistance!! We appreciate your help!!!


Hi @Nass ,

This is a textbook response to TAF. Especially with such a low baseline HBV DNA.

You should not expect a decline in HBsAg: the production of HBsAg is not targeted by TAF. However, HBsAg should be part of your regular 6 month evaluation. In rare cases, HBsAg loss can occur during NUC therapy and if maintained for 6 months, is one of the signs that it is safe to stop therapy.

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Thanks @availlant
I will order HBsAg…. How often should I order HBsAg virus level… once a year?


My understanding is a HBsAg (qualitative) test is usually ordered for each check-up you receive (usually every 3-6 months)


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Correct! If you are paying for this test, it is typically 25-30 USD. The quantitative test (available in most countries except the USA) is usually the same price and gives you an ability to see if your HBsAg levels are changing or not.

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Thank you to both!!…

Hi @Nass
I got my diagnosis at the end of April 2023 viral load was 18900000 and latest on 30/08/2023 it is 18 in/ml.
I am on vemlidy and also been taking some Ayurvedic medication. I have no idea which one is working well potentially could be vemlidy but yeah I guess I am in the same boat as you. That’s a drastic change in my viral load and as I have read in this forum itself that people on the same drugs can get sometimes year or months and months to get to undetectable viral load. I guess in my next routine blood work I’ll be zero or less.
So yeah I can relate to you on this and who knows that we might end up loosing the S antigen as well.


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@availlant thank you for this explanation but I need some clarity on what you said by stopping therapy, I have little knowledge about hep B because our doctor said once you start treatment it will be for life time but you have said you can stop therepy

My question is what makes the doctor say we should stop therapy? And number two is is it possible to stop stop therapy and you are put back on therapy let’s say viral load has elevated again

I am looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about this condition, you will excuse me in our community we don’t have medical workers with this knowledge

Dear @Esta,

Great questions!

Current guidelines recommend stopping therapy after several tests confirming that you are HBsAg-negative. There are also some recommendations that stopping treatment can be considered after at least 2 years of undetectable HBV DNA levels if you’re HBeAg-negative. More recent data suggests that having a lower HBsAg level (<100 IU/mL) should be reached before attempting stopping.

The reason for all of these rules is exactly due to what you ask about in your second question. HBV DNA can return in individuals who stop treatment, sometimes accompanied by large flares of liver injury, in which case people are put back on treatment for safety.

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Thank you so much Dr @ThomasTu for this clarification

It was really confusing because I thought once you start therapy, it has to be with you forever and for always.

Thanks :+1:

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