Hbsag count interpretation


I did the HBSAG count today and the result is nearly 800 IU/mL. 12 months ago was 5500 S/CO. I have been taking Tenofovir daily for more than one year.

I don’t know if this is okay or more should have come down

Hi Aleske
For me, since your viral load is coming down, I think you are doing fine and nothing should worry you.

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HI Aleksi12,

You first test done 12 months ago was a qualitative test (reported as Signal / Cut Off). This test does not tell you how much HBsAg is in your blood, just if you have it in you blood or not.

The second result from Sept 7 2022 is a quantitative test (reported as International Units / mL) and does tell you how much HBsAg you have.

You cannot compare the two results. Its normal for HBsAg to not be affected by TDF as this drug does not affect the production of non-infectious subviral particles which comprise > 99.99% if circulating HBsAg.

As Kinoti has said, your response to TDF is measured by decline in your HBV DNA, which is a marker of viral replication.

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Hello Kinoti.

How do you understand that my viral load is going down?

Thank you

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Sounds so professional explained!

Hi Kinoti,

The only way to measure your response to TDF is to look at HBV DNA levels overtime. This cannot be determined by looking at HBsAg.

You can get a sense of your response to TDF by looking at serial HBV DNA test resuts since you started TDF. Without understanding the decline in HBV DNA or not following TDF it is not possible to comment on your response to TDF.

Best regards

Hello availlant.

I am very clear with your explanation.

First and last time of my HBV DNA test was 1 year ago. At that time my viral load was 9,540 IU.

I will do the HBV DNA test next month.
Here in my country it is very costly 200 USD and it is done only privately.

Please what is the reason of Hbsag count test that doctor given to me?