Happy December, share my situation lately

Hello friends! Haven’t come here in a while! My visa for Uk study has finally been approved, soon enough I’ll start a new life journey very excited, tomorrow I’m gonna go for another 3 month recheck on my Hep B situation, I’ve been on TAF for 1year and 4 months now, hopefully this time the virus load is undetectable and my ultra sound come out all green!

Lately I’ve been having pain with my old problem, I constantly feel unease in the areas where it shows in the pic below “ 27 29 31” especially at night, I feel hotness in those area, I have to squeeze them to make myself feel better, could this be possible lead to my Hep b problem? Anyone feeling similar pain? , hopefully you guys are having a wonderful month, and would love to hear your latest situation!


Hi @Limin,

Sorry to hear about your pain. I don’t know if it is really something that is specific for Hep B. It might be worth looking at other possible causes to your back pain instead. There is a discusssion on this topic here: Upper right quadrant pain - #24 by MeDNP

Hope this helps,