Greetings to hep b community memebers

Dear Thomas and the Rest of the members here.

My sincere appreciations for the brains behind this forum.

I am Osman from Kenya, diagnosed with Hep B in 2016 while donating blood.
Never knew about this disease before this shocker experience. Did various Tests and began coping with the disease.
My viral has been fluctuating like this.

2016 Feb 32,000 IU/ML
2016 Dec 64000,IU/ML
2017 April 104,000 IU/ML
2017 Aug 64,000 iu/ml
2018 Feb 54000 iu/ml
2019 Jan 34000 iu/ml
2020 Jan 20,000 iu/ml
2021 may 18,000 iu/ml
2022 Jan 7000 iu/ml
2022 October Hep B viruns DNA 8941 iu/ml
HPV-Log units 3.951.
ALT- 49

NB. Since diagnosed in 2016, I have never taken any drug. As you can see, the viral load has been descending without the use of any drug.
I don’t know but in Kenya, doctors advised that if the viral load are less than 20,000IU/ML then you don’t need any medication. ( Is this common in other countries? )

Need some in the below questions.

  1. When do you need to start medications ?
  2. What is considered High ALT levels?
  3. Can use Liver boosters?

Many Thanks

Hi Osmanmusedahir,

Welcome to the community! I just wanted to say hello and let you know that one of the experts will respond to you once they are available. It’s the weekend, so it may be a day or two.

You can take the opportunity meanwhile to peruse the forums and read up on so much good information.

Welcome again,



Dear Osmanmusedahir,

Treatment guidelines worldwide to do not advise the introduction of antivirals for chronic HBV infection unless liver disease develops. There an ongoing debate regarding this guideline.

In your case your body has a level of immune function against the virus which appears to be slowly controlling the virus. Your ALT is not really elevated, just slightly above the upper limit of normal which is not concerning. In this case I agree with your doctor’s approach to test HBV DNA each 6 months and withhold antiviral therapy.

Best regards,


Many Thanks Andrew and Paul.

Pleasure to meet you

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Welcome Osmanmusedahir

With hepatitis B your levels will stay around normal for years then suddenly your levels will jump and you will need one pill a day treatment, to control the virus attacking your liver.
There is no known supplements to improve your liver, that have been tested scientifically.
No alcohol, healthy food, exercise, stress less, are the best for your liver. Most important 6 monthly blood and ultrasound tests.
My simple explanation of Chronic Hep B😀

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