Great hope for the new drug hep b to live on

@ThomasTu @jhon.tavis I’m from Indonesia, 3 years ago my wife’s lab results were positive for Hbsag during a test in her first pregnancy.
The nurse interviewed us both for the symptoms that we both experienced, and I had experienced these symptoms 2 months earlier, pain in the stomach, fever and urine like tea, and my wife who was positive for HBsag didn’t experience any symptoms. We weren’t given any medicine. a year later we both tested again and my results were negative and my wife was still positive, istri saya mempunya sodara kembar dan kembaran nya negatif hbsag

and I concluded that maybe the initial infection was from me…
because my wife is just a housewife whose days are only at home.
remembering that I had contact with a seriously ill person with complaints of abdominal pain and bleeding from the rectum.

until now my wife has no symptoms and is not undergoing treatment because of the high cost.

greetings to the great people of hep b medicine researchers, I hope you are in God’s protection.
and I hope a lot from you

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Dear @Helmy,

Thanks for sharing your story and your kind words. Sorry to hear about your plight, but you sound positive about it and are finding a way forward. Glad that your twins are OK (if I understand the translation correctly). It is best for your wife to maintain monitoring to make sure that the virus is not causing damage to the liver.



my prayers are always with you doctor, you are our hope to cure this hep b :pray::pray:

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My wife started drinking the boiled water of these 2 plants regularly for the last 1 month, because of the high cost of drug therapy for hep b in Indonesia and you can join government health insurance if you have complaints.

is it true what I did to drink the plant extract as a substitute for medicine,
thanks doc @ThomasTu

Dear @Helmy, these have not been proven to be good substitutes for medicine.