Goodbye to 2023 and looking forward to 2024!

Dear all,

Hope you’re all well and thank you again for making this community such a welcoming and supportive space for people experiencing hardship. I’m so proud of this site.

Hope you all stay safe and have a great time if you’re out celebrating tonight. It’s been a great year, and looking forward to more progress in Hep B support and research in 2024!



Hi my name is sindi
Please help me

In 2017, prior to our marriage, both my husband and I tested negative for HBsAg.

During our first pregnancy in 2018, my screening for HBsAg was also negative, indicating everything was fine

during my second pregnancy in 2022, my HBsAg result turned positive, but my husband hbsag neg
I’m seeking insights into the possible reasons for my problem. Why my hbsag turn to positive ?

In never cheat

Thanks Prof. Tu. You’ve been very wonderful. I look forward to even more exciting time 2024.

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