Good morning everyone , my name is Adebayo from Nigeria. Please I need the experts to interpret my recent test results

@ThomasTu @availlant @john.tavis The image below contains Hbv dna , Abdominopelvic ultrasound scan, Lft and Fbc. My last hbv dna was 6050 in 2021 and recent is 9020. Haven’t started treatment yet and noticed my Bilirubin and Protein is high which is always in normal range . This is my first time of doing fbc while my Wbc and rbc is low . Please I need better interpretations of this results. Thanks

Hi Adebayo,

I am a basic and translational HBV virologists. Detailed interpretation of such clinical data requires someone trained in medicine and hepatology, which I am not. In short, I am not qualified to give you an interpretation.



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Hi @Sirbay,

Thank you for sharing your experiences. Not sure what you are looking for in terms of interpretation and what specifically you might be worried about. There are no Hep B results other than the HBV DNA for the experts on this forum to provide you information on.

Also, please note the guidelines on posting lab results - IMPORTANT: Best practice for posting lab results