GIGA-2339 polyclonal antibody treatment

Sorry if this has been posted before, seems like a pretty cool idea

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what is the exact definition of “functional cure?”

btw, I appreciate the repost as I did not see the other post. thank you!

Hi @Jb007,

Yes, there are a few companies looking at similar strategies (from Hepatitis B Foundation: Drug Watch):

@catcher.007, an in-depth explanation of what functional cure means is in video form here: What do we mean by Hepatitis B cure? - HBV Cure FAQs


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Dr. Tu,
thank you so much!
I did not know that we now have different cure level terminologies!

and wow we have so many drugs!
it sure would be nice if we can get one drug to work.
wouldn’t it be faster and effective to have a fewer drugs being worked on instead of so many? It’s like putting fundings and efforts in a few rather than spreading out the fundings and efforts in multiple drugs.

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We don’t know which of these are likely to work, so testing a broad range of approaches is the most efficient way at the moment so that we can get closer to a cure. Once a few look promising then they are pushed along from phase I to II and beyond.