Free online "My Liver Health" Program

Dear all,

I’m Pearl from LiverWELL and we’re hosting this free program in March called My Liver Health Program, featuring a series of online healthy lifestyle coaching sessions to support people interested in optimizing their liver health as well as those looking to manage their chronic liver conditions – viral hepatitis (including hepatitis B), cirrhosis, fatty liver, and a range of other liver diseases. It is also open to friends, family, and carers of those living with chronic liver disease. Managing a chronic condition can be isolating and confusing, this program gives you the opportunity to hear from experts and lived experience speakers, meet individuals with common goals and build a support network.

My liver health program is comprised of a series of 5 free sessions covering:

Session 1: March 15 – Health Literacy and Goal Setting
Session 2: March 17 – Eating Well
Session 3: March 22 – Getting active
Session 4: March 24 – Drink Aware
Session 5: March 29 – Feeling Well

To register, please visit:

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.



Thanks @pearl,

Looks like a great program and would help answer a lot of questions that commonly pop up on this forum. Well worth the free registration.

Will these be recorded for those outside the Australian timezone?


Thanks @ThomasTu .
We are working on getting relevant permissions from speakers to enable sharing for attendees who register.

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Dear all,

Just to confirm, we will be sharing session recordings with those who register to attend. Please register to attend the session of your choice here:

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