Foods, nutrition, and supplements

With CHB, we have to watch what we put into our body. It’s not always absolute, but it’s more “monitored”, I guess before and after finding out about your medical condition.

I been juicing vegetables lately, stopped or cut back almost 90% of sugar intake. No more alcohol. Cut back on rice, bread, pasta, and other grain/flour foods.

I do take vitamin C, D gummies though( my treat :slight_smile: ). I take vitamin E , maybe every other day. I try to eliminate fast foods, but with kids I ll order and eat with them. I fast everyday from 8pm to about 11am

Anybody willing to share their diet and supplements they take?


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Has anyone been diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) on top of their chronic HBV diagnosis? Just wondering what folks are doing to mitigate the fatty liver besides taking a statin to lower one’s cholesterol and triglycerides? It seems so unfair that after leading a very clean life (not bragging, just being honest) – no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs, healthy diet, relatively stable weight (ok, I am 15 pounds heavier that I was 30 years ago) – I’m now showing signs of fatty liver disease!! It’s disheartening and I really don’t want to start a statin. Yet not sure I can realistically lose 15 pounds (my BMI is way within normal, so I’m not overweight). Would love to hear if anyone else is dealing with this?? Thanks, Joan