Fibroscan and biopsy

I have always wondered about different tests that are used to test the same thing. Take for example, fibroscan and biopsy in measuring fibrosis.
Do we have an experience where conflicting results are arrived at ie. fibroscan categorising one on mild fibrosis while biopsy says he/she has cirrhosis?
Let’s share our knowledge and experiences to narture our understanding.

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Usually fibroscan is the best/quickest way to measure fibrosis and ultrasound is to detect any masses in the liver. Biopsy is done less regularly because it requires more work and it is an invasive procedure. Biopsy however is best as showing the true result because you get to actually see the tissue, rather than measure it through indirect means.

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How often should a fibroscan be done?

I’ve only ever had one, my doctor now repeats an ultrasound twice a year but no fibroscan or elastography.

In the past, I had it at the same consult as my ultrasound, but I think this varies from place to place.