Feeling Fill ( Stomach Bloating)

Hi colleagues,

For the last month or so, I feel bloated after eating. No pain but abnormal.

The last time I ever felt like this was a year like a year ago. When I had H -Pylori. The H -Phulori was treated and cured. Did another test 3 weeks ago it is still negative. My primary care physician gave me some antibiotics but it has not helped after two weeks.

Any experience advice.

Hi Labu,

Not an expert by any chance but wanted to share what i know. I was having same bloating and feeling full issues. Doctor did test and it was h phylori only catch was it was slightly resistant to antibiotics since i had same case when i was 15 years old. He gave me different combination of antibiotics and pepto bismal to treat it and it worked.
Also it can be because of fat buildup so start eating healthy and avoid foods which causes a lot of gas buildup.

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Change your diet and see if you see any differences. Even without hepatitis B, as we get older, even a day older, our body can change.


Thank you. I had the same h virus. It was treated like a year ago. Doctor tested this time and it is gone. But feeling fill is still there. Working on the diet.