Fatty liver medication

I’m seeing my GP whom monitors my HVB. But is clueless to HBV.
On treatment for 4 years-all good except start of fatty liver. I’m 61, female, 57kg.
Is there any medication I can ask my GP for, to clear my liver of fatty liver. I’ve tried with diet and exercise with no success. I have heard of some medication that helps but don’t know the name.
I am seen by a liver specialist too but he is 458km away. My GP and him ‘talk’ if my readings ect are above normal.
Thank you

Probably @Joan_Block can provide some lived experience here on fatty liver. It’s my understanding that there’s no specific medication that will get rid of fatty liver and it needs long-term concerted lifestyle changes (no crash diets, etc.). Many small changes that you can maintain is much better than intense restrictive changes that make you unhappy and make you unlikely to stick to it. The improvements may take years to see, but will in the long-term be better for you.

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Hi Caraline, sorry just saw this new thread with your message. I agree with Thomas that there’s no drug to eliminate fatty liver. But there are several drugs in the research pipeline since non-alcohol related fatty liver (NAFLD) is becoming an epidemic in the U.S. because of our increased obesity incidence! So lots of big pharma companies and biotech start-up companies are researching compounds that could work to reduce if not reverse fatty liver. Right now the only drugs that are being used for NAFLD that I know of are statins that reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels if they’re too high. Statins are something that my hepatologist and GP are recommending, but I’m resisting because of their side effects - muscle fatigue. Just want I do not need at my age!! Anyhow, keep up your activity level, maintain a healthy diet and see your doctors regularly to make sure there are no dramatic changes in the health of your liver. Thanks for raising good questions. Always, Joan

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Vitamin e was suggested to me by my dr. 400 mg for 60 -90 days.

Low carb diet and exercising. No sugar.

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Well after writing about my emerging fatty liver disease and rising cholesterol and triglycerides, I finally made the fateful decision to start a statin drug … ugh. My hepatologist really wanted me to start 3 years ago when I started TAF (sold as Vemlidy in the USA) because already my blood tests were starting to show the beginning of fatty liver disease. The TAF definitely exacerbated my rising cholesterol and trig levels. Last chol level was 240 (normal is less than 200), and trig level was 212, which was down from 305 (normal is less than 150).

I really really didn’t want to start ANOTHER drug, and so many folks I know (incl my husband) had problems when they started a statin - fatigue and muscle weakness. I already suffer from fatigue so definitely wasn’t interested in anything that would further sap my energy. And at 63 years, I can’t afford any muscle weakness. With that said, I finally relented because despite my best efforts (alright, not wholehearted efforts) to lose 10% of my body weight, I have been unable. So, to stop fighting the inevitable I took my first statin this past Friday night. And slept 12 hours! Took it again Sunday night and slept 12 hours. It’s like a sleeping pill for me?? I’m taking 10 mg of atorvastatin (sold as Lipitor) every other day as per my discussion with the doctor to see if my blood work improves on this every other day cycle. To be very honest, I feel quite disappointed in myself for not being able to “beat” this naturally with weight loss, exercise and diet. I just don’t have the willpower and it makes me feel defeated. So I truly hope that I don’t experience any serious side effects from this new med. Will keep you all posted on my progress. Hopefully I won’t be sleeping 12 hours every time I take the statin, otherwise I will never get anything done. Thanks for listening! Always, Joan


Hoping it all turn out well for you @Joan_Block. Prayer up.

I’m sorry to hear that, @Joan_Block. I hope it all starts balancing out and you can return to your normal routine soon. I wouldn’t see it as a failing in willpower, as you say, you’re at a disadvantage with the TAF.

There’s plenty of research in NAFLD/MAFLD/CVD, so maybe there’ll be a “functional cure” for high cholesterol at some point so you don’t have to take Lipitor for life?

My thoughts are with you,

Thanks for sharing, Joan! Hang in there, hopefully your body will acclimate soon. Looking forward to the updates!

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Joan Block
I am sorry for you to hear your disappointing path. You are one of our key pillars and I pray your body adjusts to the new drug and you get through soon.
As long as you are around always expect something good and that will keep you going.
I share part of your story although relatevly younger. My cholesterol and triglycerides are normal but I have steatosis grade S1(238).I have managed to loss 7%of my body weight.

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Thanks Kinoti for your reassuring and generous message! And so happy to hear that you’ve had the discipline to lose 7% of your body weight to help reduce your steatosis (fatty liver). Wish I had your perseverance! And most happy that you’re being so proactive and protecting the health of your liver. Always, Joan


Hi Joan,
Sorry to hear about your rising cholesterol & triglycerides. I hope you feel better soon with a new drug.
I am also sure you will stay on top of this situation and stay strong.
You are an inspiration for this community.
I will also share the observation of my rising cholesterol in 3-to 4 months.
Good luck!


Thanks for sharing Joan. There is two different lowering cholesterol drugs that I have been on.
I switched after being on one for a few years. I felt it was affecting my moods.
Who knows what these drugs do to use.
I’m on 8 tablets a day at 61 years old, not happy but I need them all, unfortunately. I hate it . My doctor told me if I don’t take lowering cholesterol drugs, cholesterol will build up in my veins, causing a stroke or heart attack.
I’ve lost 1kg in a whole year. I was hoping to lose 5kg. Not happy about that too.
Anyway keep plugging, away from bad food. You’re doing a good job.

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@Joan_Block Wishing you well.

As far losing weight, first 10-15 pounds lost are mostly water weight. That’s why not eating as much for a week, you can lose 5 lbs very easily.

For fatty liver, you need to get into ketosis. Then stick with it for about 6 months. Fatty liver does not happen over night and will not be able to reverse it overnight, a week, month.

Yes, weight is not necessarily the best measure. For example, some people might start increasing in weight when they exercise, as muscle weighs more than fat. It is important to keep a holistic view and consider many different measures of health rather than just weight.


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Thanks all for your encouragement and collective wisdom! Really appreciate it since I don’t discuss my hep b (and now fatty liver issues) with my other friends. For decades I kept my diagnosis to myself, so it’s uncomfortable to suddenly bring it up with old friends. Too much explaining involved and, honestly, I don’t need or want their advice/questions. That’s why I’m personally very happy that Thomas started this hepbCommunity! It’s a safe place to listen, learn and share my experiences with others who are traveling the same path. Thanks to all of you for being present for me and one another! Always, Joan


Thanks 2 Joan.