Fatty liver medication

I’m seeing my GP whom monitors my HVB. But is clueless to HBV.
On treatment for 4 years-all good except start of fatty liver. I’m 61, female, 57kg.
Is there any medication I can ask my GP for, to clear my liver of fatty liver. I’ve tried with diet and exercise with no success. I have heard of some medication that helps but don’t know the name.
I am seen by a liver specialist too but he is 458km away. My GP and him ‘talk’ if my readings ect are above normal.
Thank you

Probably @Joan_Block can provide some lived experience here on fatty liver. It’s my understanding that there’s no specific medication that will get rid of fatty liver and it needs long-term concerted lifestyle changes (no crash diets, etc.). Many small changes that you can maintain is much better than intense restrictive changes that make you unhappy and make you unlikely to stick to it. The improvements may take years to see, but will in the long-term be better for you.

Hi Caraline, sorry just saw this new thread with your message. I agree with Thomas that there’s no drug to eliminate fatty liver. But there are several drugs in the research pipeline since non-alcohol related fatty liver (NAFLD) is becoming an epidemic in the U.S. because of our increased obesity incidence! So lots of big pharma companies and biotech start-up companies are researching compounds that could work to reduce if not reverse fatty liver. Right now the only drugs that are being used for NAFLD that I know of are statins that reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels if they’re too high. Statins are something that my hepatologist and GP are recommending, but I’m resisting because of their side effects - muscle fatigue. Just want I do not need at my age!! Anyhow, keep up your activity level, maintain a healthy diet and see your doctors regularly to make sure there are no dramatic changes in the health of your liver. Thanks for raising good questions. Always, Joan

Vitamin e was suggested to me by my dr. 400 mg for 60 -90 days.

Low carb diet and exercising. No sugar.