Exploratory Hepatitis B dataset: Encouraging new hypotheses

Dear Esteemed Members,

I am delighted to extend my warmest greetings to all esteemed members of this group. With great enthusiasm, I am reaching out to share a published dataset with the aim of eliciting valuable opinions and perspectives from fellow scientists dedicated to hepatitis B research. This research holds immense personal significance for me, as it delves deeply into crucial aspects that resonate deeply with my interests and goals.
Your expertise and perspectives are invaluable assets that could significantly enhance our understanding of Hepatitis B and contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in this critical area.
Your thoughtful contributions would be greatly appreciated as we work together to tackle the challenges posed by this global health concern.
Thank you sincerely for considering my request.


Hi @Cosmin_Oprea,

Thanks for sharing this. I have some comments that might help you get a bit better response to this. In its current form, it is quite difficult to understand this data:

  1. What do all the colours and bars mean? Essentially when creating figures/data visualisation, we are trying to provide a message that boils down to “these things are the same/different” or “these go up/down/don’t change with time/space”. Generally, the best communicated messages make sure to obviously show what you are comparing and how they are different.
  2. What is the comparison populations? Are there patients in one group vs another group?
  3. Were all of these samples analysed the same way?
  4. What is the original report (this should be cited appropriately) where this data comes from?
  5. You should consider breaking up your interpretations in the descriptions into sub-headings to make it easier to follow the line of thinking.

Hope these help you present the data in a clearer way to improve the discussion of them.