EXPLAINER: Lab results and their interpretation

Dear @Antony,

I join @Bansah1 in welcoming you to the forum. It’s a great sign that your viral load and HBsAg is reducing over time (even without antivirals). A low viral load like yours is generally stable and is associated with good health outcomes (low risk of liver injury and liver cancer).

HBsAg can disappear over time if these reductions keep happening and your immune response keeps the pressure on (which these results suggest).

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Thank you very much for your reply! Your words give hope for a full recovery from the disease! Does stress affect the increase in DNA and other indicators? I serve in the army. I am constantly in a state of stress and high physical exertion.

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Dear @Antony,

What a great question. I didn’t really know so have done some quick research about it. In essence, there have not very been very many studies around this:

In the end, most of studies in the literature mostly look at HBV causing psychosocial impacts, but rarely the other way around.

Would love to get the opinion of experts on the more social end of science to give their view point (e.g. @l.brener @chari.cohen @CFreeland @Jack_Wallace @k.drysdale @Yasmin).


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I was first diagnosed with hep b in 2020 during my pregnancy. Ever since then 2 other times within that same year I was tested again and was positive. But now that I am pregnant with my second baby I was tested for hepatitis again as a part of the regular pregnancy testing. It is now showing negative. Can this be a false negative? Please help me understand my results before I get my hopes up.
(My first baby was given the immuglobullin at birth and is fully vaccinated and protected)

Please and Thank you.

Dear @Kuy846,

It would be worth testing again, but it is possible you have cleared the infection. With the additional test you should also test for anti-HBs antibody as well (which should be positive if you have cleared the infection)


Hello All,

My name is Mike and today is my first time putting something here and I must admit that we are all very grateful for the wonderful team we have here assisting us with every information regarding Hep B.

I always read the replies given by Mr. Thomas and the rest of the team and I really appreciate your support.

I was diagnosed with the hep B almost two years ago. Hence, I follow the healthy diet plan although not at all times and I also visit my doctor with my lab results twice in a year. I have been going through the usual symptoms of fatigue, joint pains, light coloured stool and dark urine. But currently I have some small blisters on my skin (not really conspicuous). Should I be concerned?

This month, I visited my doctor and she suggests there is a likelihood I would be put on treatment next year considering how my viral load has shot up. I have done the Abdominal USG Scan, FBC, HBV DNA and LFT. The results for the liver function however is not ready.

I have included this year’s lab results here for an advise in terms of if I could start medication.
What is the implication of my results?

And any other advise on travel. I am an African, and I would like to pursue my masters degree in Europe. I am afraid I would be worried of being sick and alone while pursuing my studies.

Thank you.

Hi @Michael,
Welcome to the community. Thanks for sharing your results. From your lab result you ALT and AST numbers are normal, your abdominal ultrasound also shows a normal result. The only problem has to do with your viral load which was 10,4
76 back in May but has risen to 42,719. I believe that is why your provider is suggesting treatment next year if the numbers remain high or get higher. Protecting your liver is important and I believe your provider is making the right call here based on your results and his or her judgement. Much of your results are normal except the viral load that has shows a huge spike from where you were in May. Best, Bansah1.

This is well noted.
Thank you.

Today received my LFT results. Kindly help and interpret for me more especially on the increasing figures

Dear @opa,

These reflect normal liver enzyme results, which is a good sign. The higher bilirubin and slightly increased protein may be caused by other issues that are not Hep B and is worth following up with your doctor about


Thanks @ThomasTu. This is hope giving. However, am currently down with terrible fever, joint pains and body weakness which I can’t even tell whether it is related to my hepatitis b condition.
Much worried about taking any counter medication since this would even make it worse.
My question is therefore, what medication can I have for fever that won’t worsen and rise my hepatitis b condition.
Thanks family

Hi @opa,

That really depends on the underlying cause of your fever, which I think is out of the expertise of this forum. Please visit your health professional to get an appropriate diagnosis.


It’s good to know that you cleared the virus, Did you take any medication during the acute phase of the infection?

Thank God my January viral load results came back today and they are 198 Iu/ml kindly help to understand them

Dear @opa,

This is a very low viral load, which is generally associated with good health outcomes and limited risk of transmission. I’m not sure what in particular that you wanted to find out with these results.


Hello all,

I’m new here from the Philippines (24 M) and I would like to know your insights about my results. I was declared to have a chronic Hepa B last March and has been taking my tenofovir since then. However, my HBV viral load results shows a 1million+ IU/mL, just today. I’m kinda worried and my doctor advised me to continue with my antiretroviral therapy.

I was monitoring my SGPT every 2 months ever since I got diagnosed with acute Hepa B last August, 2023, which I mostly linked it to unprotected sex. It was around to 51 to 69 when it suddenly jumped to 92 last week of February.

I was kinda curious with the sudden spike of my SGPT and with my lab numbers being so high, are there any other explanations or circumstances for this? And if so, is there any other way that I can helped manage my viral load aside from my prescribed antiviral therapy? I’m looking forward for any response that I can get from this.

Thank you.

Hello azurePH,

Welcome to the community! Tenofovir is effective at dramatically lowering HBV viral load when taken properly everyday. Antiviral therapy with Nucleotide Analogues such as Tenofovir is the most common way to lower viral load with the least amounts of possible side affects. There are also immuno-modulating medications such as Interferons that reduce viral load by stimulating the body’s own immune response against HBV. Eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding excessive drugs / alcohol use are some simple things that you can do to help out your liver.

I remember I had a viral load of around 162 million IU/mL when I first found out, and Tenofovir has brought that down to not quantifable within 2 years of taking the drug.



Thank you so much for your insight 🫶🏻 much appreciated.

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Hi @ScienceExperts

I have a question regarding results again. I just got my results back for my latest tests and again, everything was negative and my HBV DNA was <10iu/ml again but my doctor said that meant negative as well.

My new doctors seems to think there was an error and I was misdiagnosed with HBV so has told me it’s a good idea to do my vaccines as the serology seems to indicated I never had an infection at all.

Is it possible I was misdiagnosed? Even when I had just liver function testing done it’s always come back perfectly fine no raised ALTs or anything.

TIA ^^

Hi Tia,

It’s hard to say right now without a bit more background. Was you test always negative? And if so, why did your doctor thought you had HBV? i.e what draw the conclusion of the HBV positivity at the time, do you know? Especially the level of ‘HBsAg’ would be important here.

Your new doctor is right though to suggest vaccination, which, in the case you were indeed misdiagnosed, would protect you for any putative new encounter with the virus.

Have a nice day,