Evidence that HBV is real

Hello dr. Thomas,

  1. “Purification and isolation of virus is much much harder than looking at blood cells”, I do not understand you! so "purification and isolation of virus is much much harder than looking at blood cells on EM or TEM?

“…Also, you can only practically do very few EM samples at a time” ! no EM, but TEM!

dr. Thomas, again, If I take a blood simple (a few drops!) from an infected and uninfected, and will be put them on TEM, I think it is a major proof a patient like me need to be convinced, in rest all you and the scientist are theories and a lot of lab stuff, using a lot of chemicals, more or less toxic! I keep my position that behind all these there is a lot of questions and maybe a lot of LIES!!! I can accept that these proteins HBcAg and HBsAg exist in the blood as the proof of a past toxic infections, but not as the proof of an existing virus particles!!! which they are active and destroy our livers! if these viral particles would exist, maybe the liver would be damaged not in some years (5…10…15 years), but in moths or not more that 1…2 years!!! Why the virus is so slow? Why need years to get cirrhosis or carcinoma? if there is an ADN interaction or ARN, what ever…? isn’t strange?

Who are the patients who having in their blood B virus PARTICLES, the virus itself, but having a healthy life (food, water, no oxidative stress, no narcotics abuse or other drugs, so on), died??? NO one! Anyway, thank you very much you answered me! God bless you!

Yes. Red blood cells are 200 times bigger than the virus. There are also a lot of other particles in very high levels in the blood (e.g. lipoproteins) that will crowd out the virus. So you need to do careful purification, not just from a drop of blood.

Correct, either TEM or SEM, only very few samples at a time.

Well, there is TEM data showing that these HBcAg and HBsAg are part of the actual virus via immunogold staining. (Figure 6A–G in https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/s00795-006-0330-y.pdf

I don’t get this argument. Every sort of chronic liver damage (fatty liver disease, alcohol, etc.) causes slow progression of disease over decades. There’s no reason why a virus should be fast. Anyway, my research is looking exactly at this. Basically we don’t know yet, but have some clues.

This is not true. Hepatitis B is one of the strongest risk factors for liver cancer and liver disease.

That is your opinion, and you are free to have that. I am responding to your claims to make sure that everyone else reading has the correct facts and evidence.

I wish you all the best and hope you maintain your good health while protecting those around you.


Thank you doctor! You also. God bless you! Wish you all good!

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