Eucr while on tdf

I have been on TDF for some time now. I just did an Eucr (kidney function) test. How is my kidney reacting to TDF :grinning:
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Dear @Godsown ,

When test results are generated, they always report test values of the established normal range for that particular test. The normal range is established from test results in a large population of healthy persons in your state / country. These ranges can very slightly from country to country.

Within the test results you have provided, urea and creatinine are the primary indicators of the filtration efficiency of your kidneys. As you can see, both of these values fall within the normal range. Based on these results, your kidney function appears normal.


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TDF impacts tubular function not glomerular function (at least at the beginning), ask your hepatologists to check for tubular markers and bone markers




Hello @Godsown
Iā€™m not a health expert, but I do know how to read some results and I can tell that all your results are in the normal range, meaning they are all good.
The only one that is a little bit high is your sodium, which is salt so you could cut back on your salt intake.
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Double check with your doctor.

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