Enrolling in Arbutus trial PHASE2 - AB-729 + VTP-300 + nivolumab (Any thought or past exp)


I have been on the screening this week - Arbutus trial PHASE2 - AB729 + VTP-300 + nivolumab
It is open label trial. My Hbsage is 3800 which is high and I am unlikely to get the functional cure. If screening passes then I need to start dose after 45 days.

Kindly can you please share your experience if you had been on AB729 trail or if you know more on this current trial.

I have been on arbutus trial in 2017 (siRNA) that reduced my hbsag to this lebel, earlier it was 12k.


I don’t have much advice as their new trial, and wish that others here can better advise. Were you in the initial AB729? That is great news your HbsAg has reduced and maintained where it is now. Are you still on daily antiviral?

I’m in the AB729 with interferon add on. I was randomized into the 12 week INF arm. I’m done with INF. I get monthly bloodwork and in 4 months should know if I can go off daily antiviral. Many of the blood results (including HbsAg quant) is blinded and I cannot get HbsAg quant in USA from standard labs. My HbsAg at start of study was about 3000.

Best of luck and please keep us posted!

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@3kids4me Yes I am on NUCS entecavir. ABeage -ve , GenomType D.
I am starting HbsAg with 3800 and what I learned from search that around 0.8 log reduction is reasonable to expect ( so not expected any functional cure). I was not on AB729. I was on another arbutus study Arbutus-1467 in 2017.


That all sounds positive and hope for more improvements for you! Keep us all updated.

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have you get final result?