Does anyone have cleared HBV after affecting Covid-19?

About one year ago, my son’s friend’s custodian came to my house. We chatted a while and I learned that his neck or throat cancer (I don’t remember exactly) disappeared after affecting Covid-19. He was so excited and thanked God with his heart. That is true miracle.

At that moment, I was wandering if my HebB would be cleared if I would get Covid-19. Luckily or unlucky or what ever, I got Covid-19 a month ago with high fever. I will go to have my HbsAg test soon. I am wondering if there is anybody who has cleared HBV after Covid-19.

Hi @Dan,

As mentioned in the other thread, there is usually little cross reaction between virus infections, particularly when one is in a completely different organ system to the other (lungs vs liver in this case). I think data is still lacking as to whether COVID-positivity is linked to HBsAg-loss, but it is definitely something that can be looked into. The data is out there.


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@Dan , this question brings to mind when I came down with Covid-19 in 2020 as a frontline volunteer worker at the isolation centre. For me, i got really scared because i wasn’t sure how the two viruses would impact on my overal health. I experienced elevated temperature, difficulty in breathing (as I had to use salbutamol inhaler). I tested negative after seven days of isolation and treatment but my HepB remained.

@Prince_Okinedo Thank you for your information. I really appreciate it. Most likely my hep b will remain the same too.

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All of my test results get worse after both getting vaccinated (Astra Zenneca) and after getting infected. My doctor also mentioned other patients with the same problem.

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Great points, and we’ve talked about raised ALTs with other viral infections in other threads. The vaccine can probably stimulate the same sort of results.

But this doesn’t mean your liver is getting worse when this happens. It can be a reflection of the tests not being specific for only one type of ailment.


Me too, I was undetectable (<5.58 IU/ml) before vaccination, to 64 IU/ml after vaccination.