Do my signs suggest that I am in a clearance stage? The 6 months timeframe doesn't make sense

It’s acute because I know the person who infected me, sometime around September of last year.

Question 1
What do you think about the 6 months timeframe? Is it from the date of infection or from the date of diagnostic or from the onset of symptoms (for symptomatic patients).

Question 2
Do I have a weak immune system? I mean since I was symptomatic because I read that most adults do not develop symptoms.

Question 1
Strictly the 6 month time frame is from the time of elevated liver function tests (ALT), after 1-4 month incubation, so in your case probably from time of symptoms.

Question 2
From what you say there is no suggestion you have a weak immune system, but you should talk to your doctor about that.
Symptoms usually indicate inflammation, which requires an active immune system.

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Hi David,
Most of your questions have already been answered.
I did not take any medications. I got infected by my husband and we eventually lost him through Liver cancer.
In my case, I think I was so shocked that I went through a drastic diet. I cut off oil from my food to the barest minimum; I am from southwest Nigeria where oil forms major part of our meals. I reduced my carbs and increased my veggies (local vegetables like Ugwu, greens, Ewedu, okra etc) in addition to carrots, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflowers runner beans). I ate lots of mackerel, catfish. Snails and chicken but no red meat. I cut off food seasoning (Maggi) and used only natural spices like garlic, onions, thyme, ginger, turmeric, locust beans and Nigerian smoked shrimps to flavored my meals . I drink juices made from a combo of ginger/turmeric/beetroot; I always take ginger/turmeric juice with skimmed milk and coffee daily. Cut off refined sugar completely, no soda or juice just home made drinks from oranges, pineapples, mangoes or watermelon, coconut etc. I exercised for a minimum of two hours daily (1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening) mostly brisk walking, stretches and dancing. Within 6 months I lost about 20 kg of my body weight (from 90/91Kg to 70kg). Most importantly I cleared the virus.I always do my Liver and kidney functions test monthly until I cleared the virus but now every 6 months. I am still sticking to these regimes and have maintained the same weight (70kg) for the past 3 years.
I hope you will stay positive like everyone says and you can defeat the virus. Worrying will not help you, focus on being healthy and your body will fight off HBV. Please do your LFT and speak to a trusted friend or your doctor if you are feeling low. You can defeat the virus!

I wish you peace and strength❤️


Interesting story…pls all of us from Nigeria can we pls have a sub group here so we can educate our self more.what to eat, not to eat, and more….

Hi @Dell,

There is one here: Hepatitis B in Nigeria: discussion thread