Contraception and HBV

So, a lot of us ladies often get to the point where we have to make a decision about contraception. Whether we want something like an IUD or hormonal contraceptives or if we’re happy purely with barrier methods.

I myself am scared shitless of IUD’s. Everyone I know that has had one has had awful experiences and I can’t bring myself to do it. And barrier methods on their own… we’ll let’s just say they’re effective until they aren’t :sweat_smile:

I live in Korea and here you just buy contraceptive pills from the pharmacy with no need to consult a doctor or get a prescription. However, are there any known implications of using hormonal contraceptives like this on people with HBV. I’m presuming it needs to be broken down and metabolised in the liver? Would perhaps a hormonal injection be better or is that just as bad?

I will of course, consult with my GP prior to any decisions but wondered what people’s thoughts were here.

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Hi EH 1999
I’m 62. Diagnosed with CHV at the age of 20. Did not have a clue what it meant. Was on the pill on the age of 18 to 34.
As far as I know it’s had no effect, Side effects.
I only went on treatment TAF, when I was in my 50s because my levels, blood test, was going up.
I couldn’t stand the thought of using a IDU either.
I know there’s a new method of contraception, a rod left in your arm for three months. Not sure I like that either :joy: you would need to google side effects from other women.
The pill had no adverse effect on my liver… and I didn’t get pregnant. Not the same as for the condom. Like you said.
best of luck searching

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