Hello all,
To those of you who are currently taking Vemlidy or any antiviral drugs for HepB, do any of you ever feel confused or depressed? It seems like since I started taking antiviral, I am feeling confused especially when it comes to making decisions. For example, I might want to do something in particular, make plans but then I changed my mind or there might be so many things I want to do but I can’t make decision which one to choose first? I’ve never felt like this before taking this medicine and I’m not sure if it’s normal or not. A lot of times I start reading something but I start something else before I finished the first one I started, or start a project but I get distracted pretty easily and it’s very frustrating. If any of you experienced this same thing I’ve experiencing right now, what do you do to help yourself?
Another question is, do any of you follow certain diet? I used to do paleo diet for a couple of years but then I got tired of it though it did helped my lab work to be better.

GOOD NEWS: I started my antiviral med for almost exactly a year now and back then my vital load was at 98 million with AST and ALT being elevated. Few days ago, I received a call from my doctor’s office to tell me that my vital load is now undetectable with AST and ALT at normal levels and I am thankful for that. I just wish I could stop taking this med because I felt like it’s messing me up. Hope to hear something from some of you for inputs and advice. Have a great day

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