Confusing results

This is the result of my lab work since March 2022. It is very confusing as my HBsAG switches between positive and negative. Will repeat lab work in 6 months. But why it is suddenly changing the last 2 years? I have hepatitis B for 20 years now.

Hi @Lilgacon,
I don’t have the answer, but I think this could possibly be a false positive and negative situation. Especially, if you have had hepatitis B for 20 years. You do have HBV DNA that is less than 10 which has been consistent throughout. If you have another lab company available try using them and then compare the results. Let see what other experts think regarding this. Please be patient and your question will be answered soon. Thanks, Bansah1.

This was done by 2 different lab companies. No different lol

That is very interesting. It will be interesting to understand what is really going on here.

Dear @Lilgacon ,

Are you current taking antiviral therapy?

The test data in your spreadsheet are from a QUALITATIVE HBsAg assay. While this assay is quite sensitive, it only returns a positive or negative result. The difference between positive and negative in this kind of test can be caused by a very small change in HBsAg levels.

Most qualitative HBsAg tests will return a negative value when HBsAg is < 0.02 IU/mL. Your fluctuations likely reflect HBsAg “bouncing” from < 0.02 IU/mL (i.e. “negative”) to a value <<1 IU/mL but still returning a “positive” result. This is very good news as it means your HBsAg is very low.

Even better news is the increase in anti-HBs over time which indirectly signals the elimination of HBsAg producing capacity in your liver.

Continued HBsAg negative results over 6 months indicates establishment of functional cure. You are almost there. If this occurs and you are taking antiviral therapy, you should discuss with your doctor halting antiviral therapy.


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I’m not on any treatment and never have been. Even my doctor doesn’t know. He just suggests to monitor

Hi @Lilgacon,

So your body is getting close to functional cure all on its own. Congratulations! You do not need antiviral therapy. Monitoring is of course advised.


I fully agree with Andrew’s assessment. Your HBs levels are right at the “cutoff” point for the assay, and minor changes (in either your HBs levels or sensitivity of the test as performed on a particular day) seem to be pushing you between the + and - readout. This is excellent news because it indicates your immune system has almost completely controlled the virus and may be on the way to eliminating it.


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