Conference ($50USD) - Nov 12 to 15, Patient session on liver disease at The Liver Meeting 2021 by AASLD

Dear all,

There is an upcoming Hep B patient program for the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease that might be helpful for people here. The program has been developed by @Suwang88 and @chari.cohen.

More information at: Digital Experience | AASLD

Patient programming includes:

  • Annual Forum and Meet and Greet
  • Keynote Presentation: Empowering Patients to Make an Impact on the Future of Healthcare
  • Making an Impact Where You Are: Patient Voices as a Vehicle for Change
  • Grit, Gratitude and Grace: Resilience Despite the Pain
  • Cirrhosis Quality Collaborative and
  • Practice Guidelines Debrief for Patients
  • Patient Debrief
  • HBV Cure ā€“ How close are we?
  • Nutrition 101 for Patients with Chronic Liver Disease
  • TLM Wrap-up and Feedback Open Discussion


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Here is the actual lineup with schedule and some more details! Hope to see you all there.
Patient Program TLMdX 2021 10-25-21 Final.pdf (

Patient Programs and Abstract Tours
The Liver Meeting 2021
Friday, November 12
ā€¢ 9am-9:50am ET: Community Conversation. Autoimmune Hepatitis Association
ā€¢ 10am-10:50am ET: Community Conversation. World Hepatitis Alliance & Hepatitis
B Foundation
ā€¢ 11am-11:50am ET: Community Conversation. American Liver Foundation
ā€¢ 1:30-2:30pm ET: AASLD Patient Advisory Group Annual Forum and Meet &
Greet. Moderators: Meena Bansal, MD, FAASLD; Chari Cohen, Hepatitis B
Foundation. Guest Speakers: Ray Chung, MD, FAASLD; Bruce Luxon, MD, PhD,
ā€¢ 3pm-3:50pm ET: Community Conversation. Global Liver Institute
ā€¢ 4:30-5:15pm ET: Abstract Tour: COVID-19
Saturday, November 13
ā€¢ 9-10am ET: Keynote: How Physician-Patient Partnerships Can Improve Liver
Disease Care & Research. Speaker: Su Wang, MD, MPH; Moderator: Wayne
Eskridge, Fatty Liver Foundation
ā€¢ 10:15am-11am ET: Abstract Tour: NAFLD
ā€¢ 11:30am-1pm ET: HBV Cure ā€“ How Close Are We? (Includes Abstract Tour).
Moderators: Chari Cohen, Hepatitis B Foundation; Su Wang, MD, MPH
ā€¢ 1:15pm-2pm ET: Abstract Tour: Pediatrics & Rare Disease
ā€¢ 2:30pm-3:30pm ET: Cirrhosis: Improving Quality through Patient
Empowerment. Moderators: Meena Bansal, MD, FAASLD; Derek Drager, patient
advocate; Fasiha Kanwal, MD; Puneeta Tandon, MD; Michael Volk, MD
Patient Program, TLMdX 2021 2
ā€¢ 3:45pm-4:30pm ET: Abstract Tour: HCV

Sunday, November 14
ā€¢ 9am-10am ET: Grit, Grace, Gratitude, and Resilience ā€“ What You Wish Your
Doctors Knew About You. Speaker: Donna Cryer, Global Liver Institute;
Moderator: Ronald Sokol, MD, FAASLD
ā€¢ 11:30am-12:15pm ET: Abstract Tour: Autoimmune Liver Disease and PBC
ā€¢ 12:15pm-1pm ET: Nutrition 101 for Patients with Chronic Liver Disease.
Speaker: Jennifer Lai, MD; Moderator: Lazaro Fuentes, patient advocate
ā€¢ 2:30pm-3:30pm ET: Making an Impact Where You Are: Patient Voices as a
Vehicle for Change. Moderators: Ryan Clary, Non-profit Consultant; Michael
Ninburg, Hepatitis Education Project; Panel: Kenson Alik, Tara Buesig, Jacki Chen,
Corinna Dan, Belkis Kambach (patient advocates)
ā€¢ 5:30pm-6:15pm ET: Abstract Tour: Alcohol-associated Liver Disease

Monday, November 15
ā€¢ 9am-10am ET: Practice Guidelines Debrief for Patients. Moderators: Douglas
LaBrecque, MD, FAASLD, FACP; Karen Hoyt, patient advocate; Speakers: Kris
Kowdley, MD; Cynthia Levy, MD; K. Rajender Reddy, MD
ā€¢ 2pm-2:45pm ET: Abstract Tour: Public Health
ā€¢ 3pm-3:30pm ET: Patient Debrief Topline Clinical Research ā€“ What This Means
for Patients. Speaker: Stacey Trooskin, MD, PhD; Moderator: Su Wang, MD, MPH
ā€¢ 3:45pm-4:15pm ET: Wrap-up & Feedback Discussion. Moderator: Meena Bansal,

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I am particularly interested in: Cirrhosis: Improving Quality through Patient

It cannot be a coincidence that the moderator Michael Volk, MD has the same name as the Dr. Michael Volk in the liver transplant department at Loma Linda University Medical Center where my hepatologist is and I get treated.

Will there be recorded videos of this conference after the fact?



@PuallyHBV, Iā€™m sure its not a coincidence. (: If you register, you can have access to all of the recordings for several months. Iā€™m not quite sure if every talk is being recorded though. A lot of the patient track ones are going to be live and may not be recorded. There is a special patient rate of $50USD.

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