Concerns regarding lab test and naturally reduce Liver Fibrosis

Hello everyone,

I got diagnosed with HBV recently i think its chronic

I hadnt gotten my liver fibrosis scan reports yet but i got them today

My fibrosis value is 7.2 KPA which is slightly concerning to me as my

HBV DNA is 429
Hbsag is around 1156
Hbeag is negative
anti HBC igM is 0.236(negative)
HBC antibodies total is 7.5 ( think 7.5 - 0.236 = 7.2 IGG?)

Doctor says i am an inactive carrier but i still wanted to confirm from the experts @ScienceExperts if I am in the acute phase or i am chronic for real

Also the doc still said to not start antivirals but i am concerned regarding my liver fibrosis

What can i naturally do to lower the fibrosis? Or should i begin the meds? I am just too stressed and tired these days its getting to me now…


Dear @void ,

Your liver stiffness (not fibrosis value) is measured at 7.2kPa which is only very slighly above normal (7kPa). Without other imaging data, I would not consider this as evidence of fibrosis.

On the other hand, you do have chronic HBV infection but are inactive carrier (we also refer to this as partial cure).

Current guidelines (except in China) recommend not starting therapy for patients like you since you have no evidence of liver disease.

However, the risk for HCC for you is still higher than for an uninfected person. You may wish to discuss this with your physician.



Hey @availlant,

Thank you so much for answering my questions
Here is the report i think it has some images although dont think thats what youre after

How can I make sure my hbv dna and stiffness get normalized or reduced without antivirals? Any reference or info on that would be much appreciated @HealthExperts

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Dear @void,

These are ultrasound “cross sections” of different spots on your liver where the stiffness measurements were taken. I am sure you remember this from your imaging session.

These do not give any useful information about liver architecture which would be used assist in fibrosis diagnosis.

I still see no reason to be concerned.

Best regards,

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Thanks @availlant,

What kind of imaging do i need to do to get information that can tell me more about my liver health?

Thanks for your quick responses really appreciate it

it appears that you have chronic HBV infection with a slightly elevated liver fibrosis value. It is best to follow the advice of your doctor and continue monitoring your condition through regular check-ups and blood tests.

There are some lifestyle changes that may help improve liver health, such as maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and getting enough rest. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your lifestyle or starting any new treatments. If you have concerns about your liver fibrosis, you may want to discuss the possibility of starting antiviral medication with your doctor.

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Dear @void ,

Again I would really not worry about this.

Formal diagnosis of fibrosis stage can currently only be done by liver biopsy - which is really not warranted in your case. This can be supplemented by imaging tests like liver ultrasound, CT or MRI. Again you do not really need to consider these - if your doctor was concerned he / she would have ordered them.

In some cases (as Lucas1) has indicated, changed in lifestyle can have a positive impact. On the other hand, perfectly healthy individuals can have a liver stiffness of 7 kPa.



What are signs of HCC, and can yearly liver scan be able to detect any changes…
Is lesson in liver a sign of hcc

Hi @chigoziekingsley5454,

My understanding is that HCC is generally asymptomatic until late stages of development. Ultrasounds can pick up lesions around 1 or 2 cm in the liver, which can then be investigated with other methods (e.g., MRI) to determine if they are cancer or not. Any given lesion in the liver could be indicative of a liver tumour, but is more likely to be a benign phenomenon (e.g. haemangioma or cyst)

My liver scan has always been no lessons seen in liver.
So what can I do to make sure I avoid any form of lessons in liver

Hi @chigoziekingsley5454,

There’s no magic bullet for this and it is simply to maintain liver health. It is all quite boring: good diet, exercise, sleep well, minimise alcohol, everything in moderation. These are the most robust ways that we know of to keep a healthy body.