Coffee before Fibroscan?

Can i drink coffee before fibroscan?
I have appointment at 10 so if i take couple of coffees will it affect the result?

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you are not to eat anything like 8-10hrs before the test.

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No eating or drinking 3 hours before the test and no alcohol for two weeks prior.


Hello Dear sir,

I just wanted to ask you that the doctor performed my Ultrasound with one machine and he it gave a reading of 10 kpa on my liver but ultrasound came out super normal all in order.
I wanted to ask is that the same machine performing Ultrasound and fibroscan or is there a different machine for fibroscan?

Dear @Gourav_Rana,

Fibroscan and ultrasound are based on two separate technologies.


Dear Thomas
Thanks for the response, I was recently diagnosed properly tho I knew since 2015 that I’ve it but call it whatever you like but I ignored. So now situation is that my viral load was 19 million and around, within one month of me started any kind of medication including Vemlidy and also few ayurveda’s medications it came down to 400 something which was miracle for me. Is it normal to get this kind of response? Since I am diagnosed in April my hepatologist have done almost every test on me that is available in medical science including colonoscopy endoscopy CT scan and what not but all came in negative so all good. Recently done my second ultrasound within 2.5-3 months all came in proper but whatever that machine was as I mentioned he’s done the KPA reading and ultrasound on that same machine. My reading last was 7.4 something but this time was 10 which was weird for me though he was fully calm and said everything is normal. Also my ALT was 60 which normalised last time around during one of the LFT test I did a month prior to the latest blood test. But as I have read other discussions you mentioned that a bit of heavy training could do that too. I did my test on Monday and Sunday I did leg workout quite okeish. Could it be that?

Also about supplements.

I want to know that as I am a fitness loving youngster (natural of course). I lift and consume some protein drinks.

Will it be ok for me as I have been consuming since years that I can keep taking creatine and why isolate protein as I workout?

Something to add I live in Switzerland and am 28 so as living in one of the qualitatively non compromised Land these supplements are locally made in Switzerland and are of highest of quality. So there will be no question whatsoever on quality compromise of the products. I’ve been consuming for years with zero side effects.

Please do let me know about that.

I can be able to check my latest viral load tomorrow. Rest I am full of anxiety and lost a lot of weight reason be both having a long break from gym as I could call myself a semi bodybuilder and been away from gym for almost 7-8 months and second is the new diet from my ayurveda doctor (which actually is working and stabilise my ALT and viral load as I did experiment and stopped VEMLIDY when I got so fast results while using both treatments, I tried taking just ayurvedic medications for a month with just 3 days on Vemlidy during that month it still downgrade my viral load and normalise ALT. As they say by that time there should have been a flare after stopping VEMLIDY but it did not reason me using ayurveda continued after stopping Vemlidy). However I am on Vemlidy now since lat month or so and being on it since.
So following diet I lost a lot of weight and literally look like a twig at the moment.
But I hope to gain it back soon.

Please let me know about these few queries at your convenience.

Many thanks

Dear @Gourav_Rana,

We have addressed this in some other threads: Lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements for hep b - #27 by ThomasTu


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Cheers Thomas
Thanks :blush: