(CLOSED) Survey for Australians living with HBV in NSW

Hi all,

Hepatitis NSW are conducting a survey among people living with hepatitis B. The survey aims to explore the experiences of people living with hep B who participate in section 100 highly specialised drug program.

English version : https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9C9QHHY

Chinese version : https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F23KCXP

Please answer if you can as this will directly impact future measures in getting antivirals to the right people as effectively as possible.


Hi Thomas, is this survey only for folks living in Australia? What is “section 100”? Please clarify if those living outside Australia can and should help with the survey to increase knowledge about the HBV patient community. Thanks so much, Joan

Hi Joan,

Yes, only for Australians. In Australia, we have the federally-run pharmaceuticals benefits scheme (PBS) where many drugs - including Hep B antivirals - are heavily subsidized. However, there is a co-payment that is borne by the patient. For example, 2 months worth of tenofovir costs $629.42, the PBS pays everything except $41.00, which I would usually have to pay.

The S100 is a listing of drugs that have community benefit and my state (New South Wales) has an initiative where the cover the co-pay for S100 drugs, which makes access easier for those who are financially struggling.

Nevertheless, the survey was closed up in November, so all good!