CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices

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I am not sure if this has been posted yet or not. So I wanted to post it to get as much participation as possible. Here is the topic. Please read and then click the link to vote and help. You don’t have to post much personal info. You don’t have to post a comment even, but please vote. I thought maybe only people in the U.S. could vote, but I see others from other countries that have voted on there.

After the most recent ACIP meeting, there is significant concern that the Committee will not vote in favor of all adults being vaccinated against hepatitis B . Failure by the Committee to recommend universal adult hepatitis B vaccination for all adults is a missed opportunity to stem the tide of spikes in hepatitis B infections across the country and will be detrimental to the elimination of viral hepatitis inequities in the United States.

If the recommendation does not pass in October, there will NOT be another opportunity to achieve universal adult hepatitis vaccination for several years.