Careers in Biomedical science? Medical or health care setting?


Hope everyone is well. I have a question, if a chronic carrier can be accepted in medical field or labs?

Currently taking a biomedical science-microbiologist major. My dilemma is how will I go if my practical/ field requirement if they found out I am a carrier. Placements can be in hospitals or private labs.

Will that be a problem?

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Dear @Ann1491,

I live with Hepatitis B and I run my own research group after working in a science lab for the last 14 years (still running experiments, actually). There should be no problem with getting a placement if you have a chronic Hep B infection.

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Hi Ann1491,

Same here! I work at a medical center in a cancer research lab and have for 20 years. I finally told my coworkers about my having hepatitis 3 years ago. It took me longer to tell my boss, who is our department Chair. I took the plunge last month at our lab lunch of all places. It just came up in conversation and I felt like I could tell him. I’m finally at a place in my life where I want to speak up and give people a face for this disease. Perhaps it will be harder for people to stigmatize it if they associate it with someone they know and respect, or at least that’s my hope!

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I’m a physician with hepatitis B and it has not been an issue for me. It’s considered discrimination in the US to not let someone study in a healthcare field or remove them from their healthcare job strictly due to their hepatitis B status. (Not to say it hasn’t happened but it shouldn’t be allowed).
So great to hear your story Rebecca! Totally agree about how sharing our stories is a big part of destigmatizing Hep B!