Can someone help me understand more

I am learning how to be more forthright with my health.
I have written some things about my hepatitis b flares and the signs/ symptoms.
I have seen doctors, done tests and so on.
I have started drugs including antiviral drugs and many others. I am even tired of the many drugs.
But I still don’t feel much better.

Currently, I notice that my belly feels heavy and it feels as if liquids are there. Because of this I eat little portions of food intermittently.
Sometimes or most times I feel abnormal pulses in my belly which were there before.
I am always weak, sometimes very weak to raise my hands.

Not only that, I have been very pale (anemic). My palms are sometimes close to white. But I have been taking blood tonics and all.
The pain I was feeling towards my liver area has subsided, but it hasn’t stopped. I still feel it most especially when I belch or something like that.
I am still constipated, but I now take high Fibre foods and lactulose sometimes.

I have effected changes in my diets and all.
But why am I not improving? Doctors have not helped out. Only drugs.
My liver chemistries are above normal limits.
My viral load report reads 339. 85 IU/ML and 2035 copies/ML. I don’t know what it means.
Here are my questions, could someone tell me what is really going according to experience or expertise, and why am I still having some of these conditions, like severe anemia and all I listed.
What of my viral load, what does it really mean?

Hi@Johnpaul Ezekiel,
I am not writing really to answer your questions because they are medical, an area I lack expertise, but to encourage you.
You seem to be at your worse. Sorry for this, remember the moment you hit the bottom, the only other way is up. Don’t give up the struggle. Keep fighting until you win. When your body is so weak, let your spirit shine up and give you strength of a kicking horse.
I really pray doctors and our experts in this forum get a way of seeing you through. I know what it feels to be where you are. Fight like a wounded soldier who has only one chance to safe his life.
I hope I have lifted your spirit.

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Dear @Johnpaul_Ezeike,

Thank you for the update on your situation and so sorry that you continue to feel so sick.

My understanding is that the antiviral drugs will stop the liver disease from progressing, but it does not necessarily reverse it. Only with time will the body start to heal itself. There are also other non-HBV related gastrointestinal issues that could be causing your other symptoms.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the replies I have been getting.

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