Can medication make the virus undetectable


Just a question, can taking medication make the virus undetectable on all types of blood measurement, viral load, hbeag, hbsag and other types of hepb measurement ? as if you were never infected or as if your immune system naturally fought the virus succesfully.
Some unvaccinated adult people get infected but their immune system fought the virus successfully, they are not chronic no more.
For example adult people having sex with some one with the virus, the other adult don’t have the virus, both don’t know each status before having regular sex.


Hi @hepb1,
Being undetectable does not mean one clears the virus, it means there is just not enough HBV in the blood to be measured by a lab test. Some people on medication can clear surface antigen (HBsAg) but that is in a small number of patience. Those on treatment it is between 1-5%. I am not sure how this plays out in people who contract the virus as adults and clear it.

My guess is everything will go back to normal and their HBsAb will be positive because they have developed immunity/protection against hepatitis B virus. HBcAb will show evidence of a past exposure or infection. I hope this is helpful. Bansah1.

When on medication which lab result will always be visible even if viral load is undetectable ? HbsAg will always be visible in lab result ?

Yes, and a HBsAg qualitative test can also be measured or done. For example, mine is positive and qualitative test result was around 26000 when it was measured last. HBsAb can still be tested, but it will not make much difference so probably not done most often. Sorry, I just saw your message. Thanks, Bansah1.

Can HbsAg be undetectable when on medication ? And when off medication it will re-appear ?

As long as one is not cured, they will always test positive for HBsAg with a chronic infection. This means they have hepatitis B. Undetectable term applies to viral load measurements. Not used for other tests like HBsAg or HBsAb etc. Bansah1.

Yes, @Bansah1 is right. The current treatments only affect HBV DNA, not HBsAg (which will remain positive throughout treatment as long as you have an infection).


Ok ,asking this again, to be sure, because some one claimed to want to hide their status by taking medication, but it won’t work if they measure HbsAg.

Correct, even though the transmission risk is negligible if you have undetectable HBV DNA, many organisations will measure HBsAg (a marker for infection) as an indicator.