Can immunotherapy help with liver cancer?

I’m a physical therapist. I’m dating a woman who was born with HBV. I generally am always thinking about it.

During one of my discussions with a new patient, it was mentioned how immunotherapy helped their spouse for lung CA. I couldn’t help but wonder what the scientific community thinks of this for those who have been diagnosed with liver CA due to HEP B.

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Dear @DBuddha,

Great question, indeed there is a whole arm of HBV and liver cancer research that is ongoing about immunotherapy. PD1 and PDL1 inhibitors (immune checkpoint therapy) is being pursued for both, but I’m not so up to date with the data, because there’s a lot of it ongoing.



Hi Thomas
Please keep yourself up today on this issue of immunotherapy. Recovering from HCC mean I am on the look out for recurrence and I would want the best treatment. Sometimes some of us don’t know where to go for certain information, so we rely on you.

Hi @kinoti,

Yes, it is an new upcoming method to treat HCC, but very complicated because the immune system is composed of hundreds of different types of cells all working in concert. My impression from reading the literature is that these methods are for more advanced HCCs, when resection isn’t possible. They can be used to extend life by months, but not a curative approach.

For the checkpoint inhibitor therapy for the Hepatitis B infection, I have not read anything to show that this has been successful in curing or even reducing virus levels by a meaningful level (so far).


Hi @ThomasTu
Thanks alot for always being there for us.

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