Can I start treatment without a DNA test

My name is Elnext I’m so glad to be part of this forum.
In November 2021, I was diagnosed with Chb. My ultrasound was okay but i don’t know if my ALT and AST below is okay too. I am in Nigeria I can’t afford DNA test it is too costly here. Things are very expressive in Nigeria.
I finally found a pharmacy were i got Tdf (mylan).
Can I start taking this drug now, I have waited long for this drug. I don’t really know how my liver is doing now.
I am also concerned that my spleen has grown large I can feel it.
I have waited long for this. We are already in October now. I can’t wait anymore since I have the drug now.

Date of test March 2022

Do you have any thing to say about the drug.

I got this shit(hbv) From my girlfriend back in 2018, I didn’t know this.
On till November 2021 when I felt sick.
Somebody should help me I don’t want to die Young, I’m just 32 years old now

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Dear 9ext,

I assume that your diagnosis of HBV was based on a HBsAg test?

Although TDF is very well tolerated, it would still be better to understand what your disease looks like, your last ALT and AST are normal and quite a while ago so its not clear if you have hepatitis. Feeling “something” in your abdomen is also not a good reason to start taking medication. For example, with the information you provided (HBsAg positive and normal ALT/AST) the following are possible:

  1. Acute HBV infection is resolved (no treatment needed).
  2. Acute HBV infection is partially resolved (partial cure) where your HBV DNA is very low and liver function is normal (treatment may be useful).
  3. Acute HBV infection not resolved - you have a high viral load and liver disease is progressing (therapy should be started).

Not being able to afford an HBV DNA test is very unfortunate but perhaps you could afford to do a few liver tests again like ALT, bilirubin and albumin? This would help to better gauge how useful starting therapy would be for you without knowing your HBV DNA. Also, there could be other reasons for your abdominal discomfort not related to your HBV infection which would be important to know.

I hope this helps.


I’m sorry to hear you’re not able to afford certain test. Healthcare is expensive in Nigeria for people without health insurance. I would advise you go to a government hospital if you don’t have insurance. Over there things are cheaper compared to private labs or hospital. I won’t advise you start medication without the guidance of your doctor. Are you registered in any hospital yet?
What state in Nigeria are you?

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Thank you so much Jane.
Pls are you from Nigeria
I am from Ebonyi state but i stay in ogun state.
I used Federal medical center (FMC). That’s where I did all my test (liver scan and liver function). but DNA test I can’t afford it
Pls how can I get myself register to health insurance


Yes I’m nigerian
If you work with the Govt you can access the national health insurance scheme (NHIS) through your work place. If you’re not working with the Govt, you can access the private insurance companies. I just don’t know if they’ll cover conditions like hepatitis b. Just check online for private insurance companies in your state.


I’m happy to hear that you from Nigeria jane.
Do you base in Nigeria or outside Nigeria.
Are you specialist or What
I have some private things I want to discuss with you

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