Can HbsAb increase during the CHB?

Hello everyone,
I am new in this community, and am very hopeful to find a peace here, because of understanding, people, experts and good people.
I am 31, and recently diagnosed with HbsAg Reactive, I accidentally found it during a checkup for my dreamjob.
I want to know that, could anyone get hbsAb increase through CHB? And could it help to cure? Or would it remain constant as it is?
Thank you for everything.

Hi @IWillBeCured ,

Welcome to the community. You are correct, there are science experts, medical experts and plenty of other community members that have lots of experience with CHB and are great people. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. I encourage you to read the forums while you wait for an expert to answer your questions and we look forward to your participation in the future.



Dear @IWillBeCured,

Thanks for your question. People can become HBsAb-positive (or HBsAg-negative) during a chronic infection, but it is rare (about 1-2% of people per year).


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Not so rare! :blush: (unless Iā€™m misreading the Ag/Ab typo!)


Good point, corrected :slight_smile:

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