Can a low viral load still be transmitted

Hello everyone pls. Can someone with a low viral load transmit to another person

Hi @Chukwu,
The lower the viral load the less likely it is to transmit it to another person. The reverse is true: the higher the viral load the more likely it is to transmit it to others. Thanks, Bansah1.

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Yes you can still infect people even with a low viral DNA, although the lower the viral DNA, the lesser the chance of infection. Hello Chukwu, I’m Nigerian and also Igbo like you.

Thanks you so much how are you. Yeah am Nigeria. Where you frm

Yes it can still be transmitted especially though their semen . through the likelihood of transmission increases with high viral load.but even people with undetectable viral loads can still transmit the infection to other people

If it is blood to blood, HBV can be transmitted despite low HBVDNA.

Yes its possible but less likely

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Oh ok. What do you mean by blood to blood

Blood to blood means generally your blood enters the blood stream of the other person. For example, sharing of razor blade - when you use a blade to shave, you may have very minor, even invisible, cuts on your skin, leaving minute traces of your blood on the razor. If another uses the same razor and accidentally cuts his/her skin, then your blood (infected) will enter the blood stream of the other person. Similarly, for shared toothbrushes or nail-cutters. At the same time, you should know the HBV cannot survive in dried blood. Most important, in over 90% of adults, they can fight off an HBV infection and do not become chronic. Unfortunately, in infants or young children, over 90% will become chronic if infected with HBV. So be careful and don’t share (that is why you cannot be a blood donor). Also, those close around you should get vaccinated, and they will be protected.

Thanks so much Realy appreciate the info

I should be more careful when I say “don’t share” - I mean, don’t share your personal items. I agree with all the other comments about low risk of transmission. All the best.

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Essentially at low or undetectable levels, transmission risk is essentially negligible in everyday life. Transmission with viral loads below quantification would realistically only occur if there is a large volume of blood exchanged (e.g., blood transfusion).