#BtheVoice Hep B stories

Hi all,

In collaboration with Hep B Foundation’s #BtheVoice story bank, we are producing a series of short stories for people living with hepatitis B in Taiwan. Here is our inaugural #BtheVoice Taiwan story. As a novice in video editing, all comments are welcome.

This story is about a young woman with chronic hepatitis B who never got treated nor taken seriously until she was diagnosed with a 20-cm huge liver tumor at the age of 36. After surgical removal, the HCC recurred and spread to her lung within a few months. She is currently fighting for her life and begging the government insurance to cover the first line immunotherapy + targeted drug therapy to give her a better chance of survival and to raise her two young children.

You can watch the video at:
HBF’s YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/a0cftLrld6s
THICA’s YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/oa6lcI1BMBM

Hi @Jacki,

Thanks for highlighting these issues. The more stories we can get out there, the more impact we can have in trying to prioritise hepatitis B for decision makers and the community!