Brain storm, Idea to treat HBV, ain't no expert


Complex stuff, but had an idea.
So I have been watching utubes about how hiv and hbv works.
Hiv virus enters white blood cells and then the virus dna merges with the white blood cell dna.
Hbv enters liver cell and then leaves a cccDNA in the liver nucleas.
Astrazeneca vaccin is some kind of artificial virus with covid rna contents. So maybe they can create artificial hepb virus with custom contents.

Pfizer can synthesize mrna, so maybe the can synthesize artificial hbv virus contents.

So why not create an artificial hbv with artificial virus contents that can integrate with the cccDNA kinda like what the hiv virus does, to disable the cccDNA.

Again this is complex stuff, could be wrong, aint that simple I can imagine.

Would have studied pharmacy if I knew earlier that I have hepb.

Astrazeneca, Pfizer and the CRISP company should work together combine their expertise to invent a cure


How hiv works, why not create something artificial that targets and disables cccDNA,

One way or another, I think a cure will come out soon, just hang in there and have faith.

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Hi @hepb1,

Great thinking about hepatitis B and interesting idea. I think we have such trouble with cutting cccDNA with CRISPR already that integrating something into it at the same time would be even more challenging. That said, there are already groups studying both CRISPR and therapeutic vaccinations already, and Iā€™m looking forward to seeing their results.


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