Born with Help B & I think I beat it? Rare event?

Any help would be appreciated. I am being told this is very rare. Seems like I have antibodies against Hep B now?

HBsAg Screen - Negative

Hepatitis B Surf Ab Quant (Labcorp) 16.8 mIU/mL - Immunity>9.9 mIU/mLImmunity>9.9 mIU/mL

HBV IU/mL (Labcorp)HBV DNA not detected

If my assumption is correct can HBsAG become positive again later?


Dear @wanttoknow,

Yes, from these results, it would appear that you have cleared the infection. Congratulations!

It is rare, but yes you can have a reactivation of the infection. This is of particular risk if you become immunocompromised (e.g. if you have a transplant and you need to be on immunosuppressants). This can be managed through prophylactic antiviral treatment.

Hope this helps,

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Do you know approx percentage of people this happens to? How long do I monitor HBsAg etc?

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Reactivation of HBV in the absence of immunosuppression in people with decent anti-HBs titers is so extremely rare that I’ve never seen any numbers assigned to it.

If I remember correctly from info I was given many years ago, HBV will spontaneously clear in a few percent of chronically infected people every year. The number I remember is about 4%, but that seems high to me so perhaps the data I’m remembering are out of date.



Hi hopetoknow

Congratulations. Move on.

I agree with @john.tavis here that it is extremely rare in normal cases and you would not need ongoing monitoring of your HBsAg. It only should be kept in mind in the rare case that you are undergoing immunosuppressive therapy or having long-term steroid use.



Congrats, live a healthy life style (sleep enough, exercise, eat well etc) just to ensure it stays so.

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I had my HbsAg negative from postive and stayed negative for a while 30 years ago. But I have never had HbsAb detected as positive. Now my HbsAg positive again.

Congratulation @wanttoknow ,

I strongly believe in science and in medical treatments…but I am equally sure that the cure is also in natural things (aliments,herbals,state of mind).
Can you tell us if you consumed any specific aliment daily?..or did you had any specific routine?..maybe meditation?

Maybe the cure consists in a connection between our mind and our body and maybe you have a tips or trick that will help your rare case become frequent.

Thank you and I wish you a healthy life !

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Congratulations on your condition. It would be wonderful to share your summary on your story on how you manage this disease including treatment, monitor, diet and life style change.

I hope one days most of us would be cured too.


Congratulations! I pray it stays that way for you!

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Wow, wish this can be my case someday. I’m not an expert, but I believe you will get proper guidance here.

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