Based off of my blood work to check if I'm immune to Hep B, am I?

I believe I am if I’m reading it correctly, however, I just want to confirm. My Dr. can sometimes take a few weeks to read results and I’m eager to know, as my partner is a carrier.

Also, based off of my results, if I am immune, is this considered strong immunity against the virus?


Hello @Anon2023

If you have had the 3 vaccination injections, then you should be immune-100%

As far as I know there’s no other way to be immune. Someone else can chip in and help you more, very soon.

Or if you had HBV and cleared it?
Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

Thanks for the question.

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Hi @Caraline thanks for the reply! Yes I finished my series- thankfully this was a 2-shot series only but now this is the bloodwork more than two months after I got my last shot to ensure I’m immune.

it seems pretty straightforward and I believe I am indeed immune but, just in case I’m not interpreting it correctly, I wanted to verify :smile:

I was also curious to know how high my immunity is (given I am immune) as I’m not sure what’s considered strong immunity.

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Hi @Anon2023,

A level of >10 mIU/mL is considered protective, so having levels over 1000 are certainly protective.


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Thank you @ThomasTu !!! That’s refreshing to know! It’s nice to know that I’m not borderline protected and that the numbers are high. I was worried ever since my last dose that the vaccine wouldn’t work on me but I’m glad my worries were for nothing :smile: