Awareness about hepatitis b

Why there is no awareness about hepatitis b in India although its vaccin preventable diseases. Its most deadly deadly disease . there must be awareness regarding hepatitis b. I wonder lot why the government is so negligible for these only awareness regarding HIV . I feel much angry angry angry about these . I was really not knowing about hepatitis b.


Dear @akshay, all of us on this forum feel your anger and pain! It’s very frustrating that hep b has gotten so little attention when it affects more than 300 million people and results in almost 1 million deaths a year worldwide. For some reason HIV/AIDS has gotten all of the attention and funding. But organizations like the Hepatitis B Foundation, World Hepatitis Alliance, and (plus other groups) are all working to increase awareness and reach out to those affected. It’s a hard uphill battle, but we’re glad that you found this forum where you can share your experiences, concerns and thoughts with others who know the challenges of living with hep b. Many of us have turned our frustration and anger into advocacy and activism!! Hope to hear more from you … always, Joan

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Yes for sure, I’m from India. Recently on my operation I came to know I have hepatitis b. After that I told to my family. Still they were not aware of such disease. Not only my family most probably 60% - 70% population not aware of this disease… Because we are people who came from 90’s… Now gov had giving free hepatitis b vaccine to kids who born after months. I understand your emotions… I’m 27. From Andhrapradesh, India. Be strong. Don’t worry.

Even though you are hepatitis b. Still you can live long life. With treatment and self care.

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Thank you @hepbme786 for your words of encouragement!! For someone who is only 27 years old, you are a wise person indeed. Always, Joan

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You’re very welcome @Joan_Block