Ascletis ASC22, Subcutaneous PD-L1 Antibody P2 results

Found today interesting clinical trial result, what do you think, especially specialists ? Do you think HBsAg lost in that case may be permanent or rather HBsAb are needed te confirm it ?
Is it possible that only “free” HBsAg has been removed from circulation but there’s still some small amount with virus particles just not detected ?

Hi @ Sorte,

Actually I am at this conference and saw this presentation.

They did achieve functional cure (the appearance of anti-HBs is not required for this endpoint) but this was restricted to 3/7 patients with baseline HBsAg < 100 IU/mL. HBsAg declines were much milder in patients with HBsAg > 100 IU/mL (and no HBsAg loss achieved during therapy in these patients).

However, the presenters suggest that patients with < 100 IU/mL comprise 15-22% of patients which is is incorrect.

Patients with HBsAg < 1000 IU/mL comprise less than 10% of patients worldwide and the fraction with < 100 IU/mL is much smaller.

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Thanks for the quick reply, especially that it’s live from the event :slight_smile:
I don’t understand one thing I always thought main condition to claim functional cure is loss of HBsAg (but not necessary developing HBsAb). So what was the rule in that case ? Hbv dna und ?

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Hi @sorte ,

Functional cure is defined by undetectable HBV DNA and HBsAg and normal ALT after all therapy has been withdrawn for at least 26 weeks.

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