ART and POETRY Corner

This has been on my mind, inspired by poetry slams to write out my healing whilst we search for a cure. I hope this encourages others in this community to share their art and writing as well.


You were not welcome
Yet you moved in
My young defences were no match for you
You made my body your home
Entering as a silent infection
You intruded as a foreigner
You bred and took over my blood cells
You wreak havoc over my immunity
You erode my energy reserves
You scream taunts at my internal organs
dictating my body to shut down slowly
Yet to others around me, I appeared normal
Currently invisible only by a blood test

Whilst my good cells continue to fight you
You called a war in my mind and spirit
You plundered my mindset with doubt
You cannablised my self worth
You took everything under hostage
You became the dark shadow of shame
The invisible barrier and wall that became impenetrable
You dictated my subconscious impacting my decisions and choices

You sat silently as the dark ghost in every room I entered
When others questioned your presence
You manifested as bright as Christmas lights
Anxiety wired my muscle tissue
The flight response kicked in to run
You silenced my voice to scream for help
You made me your victim

The silent aroma you left in the room
Caused people to walk out of my life
No one knew you lived at my address
You went by robbery after robbery
Ruining my relationships
Until one day you were intercepted

I struggled and wrestled you to the ground
I broke away the knife you held to my neck
In a friendzie I stabbed you back
All my anger and rage surfaced
I unmasked your hidden face
Your name was Hepatitis B

Even though you still reside in my veins
Since that day I placed you on house arrest
The more I learnt about you
The more your power diminishes over my mind
You are nothing but a bully

Too many victims in this silent war
The most frail shackled under cancerous cells
fighting for their life
Others have no access to the immunisation bunker
will be tortured in health and wealth
To source ammunition tablets to slow down the force

The only weapon missing is a potent cure
The cure to release the body and mind
Requires bravery on all fronts to fight
For countries, skills and voices to unite
To shine the light so bright
To scream with all their might
To Cure Hepatitis B - no more