Anyone here who has Hepatitits D


Anyone who can share his experience

Hi @suresh.hebp, I do not know if I have hep d. When I tested positive for hep b, no one tested my for hep d, which should be standard. I strongly suspect that I have hep d as well because my liver enzymes are going up consistently since strating anti viral therapy for hep b in October… My doctor says the lab was not able to determine whether I have hep d because my hep b viral load is so low and hep d needs hep b… My understanding is hep d needs HBS Ag which I still have despite having undetectable Hbv dna level. I am desperate because no one will put me on the medication for hep d of they apparently cannot check it now… I checked anti HDV on my own at some point and it was negative … But maybe the result was not accurate because I am on tenofovir? Did you find out about hep d before hep b therapy? What medication are you on?

Please recheck for Hep D.
Yes you can have Hep D even if your Hep B viral load is undetectable because Hep D will only need HBsAg.
I am on Tenefevior and intereferon.
Currently intereferon is only treatment available for Hep D.

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