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I just wanted to ask if anyone else has had any experience with AFP and when to be concerned - although I have been seen by a specialist for over 10 years it’s the first time this test has been done and wasn’t sure if the below result is concerning given it’s elevated

My FibroScan has recently also been over normal level for the first time as below and not sure if that’s also quite concerting or sometimes reversible

All other tests are overall within normal ranges and my viral load has always been low / controlled by my immune system so far so I haven’t had any treatment yet

Anything that can be done to improve those results? I never drink, I’ve been exercising much more than before in the past 6 months and eating healthy, but stress levels have been high!

8.3 kPa FibroScan
AFPT 9 kU/L Standard Range 0 - 7 kU/L

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Cris can you remind us about your infection / treatment status?

Hello! Chronic Hep B since birth (I’m now 30 yo)

Last results were

4.4E3 IU/ml viral load
HBV Viral load log 3.64
8.3 FibroScan
9 ku/l AFP
Normal ALT/AST

Ultrasound elastrography scheduled, last one was a couple of years ago and normal

Since about 10 years (when I found out I’ve got hep B) my viral load was controlled by my immune system, and log/viral load had gone down to lower than the above levels before over the years - I’ve also never had a higher than F1 FibroScan until now

I’ve never had any treatment yet

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Hi @Cris,

So AFP stands for alpha-fetoprotein and elevated levels of this protein in the blood can be a sign of liver cancer (but can also be caused by other things). The normal range for AFP can vary between < 7 and < 10 kU/L depending on where in the world the reference range for normal blood levels of this protein is established.

Although technically above the normal range, your result is frequently seen in patients with chronic hepatitis and or cirrhosis and does not indicate the presence of cancer.

Your fibroscan result suggests that fibrosis may be present and you should discuss with your doctor and if starting oral antiviral therapy would be appropriate for you. This should include new tests for ALT, HBV DNA and perhaps even additional imaging tests of your liver.

Current guidelines in North America and Europe recommend withholding treatment until liver disease becomes evident which may be the reason you have not been on antiviral therapy until now.

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Thank you @availlant this is very helpful!


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