Access to Hepatits B monitoring and treatment in Liberia (West Africa)

Dear all,
I was really helped with my question yesterday and today I have a really urgent question and need help from people around the globe.
My recent boyfriend has been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B and has been seeking asylum in the Netherlands. His procedure has ended and he is now facing the risk of having to go back to his country of origin (Liberia in West Africa).
He would be able to stay however if there is either no chance of him being monitored for his hepatitis B or there is no treatment or if he has no access to either monitoring or treatment due to it being too expensive. His lawyer is already trying to file for this exception but we need proof. So if anyone knows of anybody or knows themselves what the situation is like in Liberia to get monitored or receive treatment and how much it costs it would be great. We don’t know yet whether he needs treatment as his diagnosis is quite recent.

I am really worried about his well-being and personally I am thinking he won’t get the sufficient medical attention in Liberia as a developing country.

Grateful for all help.

Dear @Rhirhi,

Thanks for sharing your story. I don’t know about anything locally in Liberia, but maybe try contacting this group: